Caleo will change your vision of energy management : thanks to its wireless connectivity, you can now get a centralized view of your home, forecast your next electric bill, change setpoints remotely, monitor humidity levels and so much more. No buttons or ugly access panels, Caleo’s sleek design offers an intuitive navigation through its color touchscreen and unique interface.


Remote Control

Be in control. Wherever you are, across town or across the world, monitor and control your heating using your mobile, tablet or computer. 

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Caleo will seamlessly connect to your b/g/n home WiFi network, without any additional equipment or gateway. It’s dual-layer encryption means your are as secure as can be.

Line Voltage

Caleo is built and engineered to operate 240V baseboard heaters or convection units, even when only 2 wires are present. Caleo is meant to operate a resistive load only, fan-forced heaters are not supported.


Through the CaSA dashboard, program Caleo to heat up your place for a warm and cozy arrival. Our 7-day scheduler allows for multiple setpoints per day, individually specified for each Caleo.

Energy Management

Caleo reports your energy consumption on a per-device basis, giving you a complete view of your efficiency both past and present. Log in to your CaSA dashboard for a graphic view of your home’s energetic performance.

Relative humidity

Caleo will record and display relative humidity for each room it’s installed in. Ensure everyone is as comfortable as possible by keeping a close watch on excessively moist or dry air.


Don’t run from one room to the next when you leave the cottage. With a single command, all your Caleos will behave as one. 


With automatic, over-the-air updates, Caleo is an environmentally-friendly, evolving product. No action required, Caleo will update itself every time a new program is available.


Caleo won’t rely on how safe – or unsafe – your local Wi-Fi network is. With its dual layers of encryption, Caleo’s Internet communication is as safe as your online banking.


Caleo plays nice with others. If you already have a hub or other devices in your home,  have them talk to each other using our IFTTT channel.

– 120/208/240V Single-pole switching (2 wire)

– 16 Amps (3750 watts)

– WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

– Color touchscreen

– Relative humidity monitoring

– Power metering

– Integrated night/safety light

– Celsius/Fahrenheit



– Caleo is meant for use with resistive baseboard heaters and convection heaters

– Caleo is NOT meant for use with heat pumps, central heating, fan-forced, A/C, etc.

– Caleo is installed in replacement of your existing thermostats or in new constructions.

– For best efficiency and complete control, Caleo should be installed in all rooms

– Caleo’s installation requires that circuits be powered down and that local code be observed. For more information, contact a licensed electrician. For additional information and all manuals, visit



Access your CaSA dashboard on any mobile or computer, by visiting

Mobile app is only needed for initial configuration See for full details.



Another connected thermostat ?
Nope ! Caleo is truly a one-of-a-kind solution for baseboard and resistive heating homes. Devices currently on the market are meant for central heating and heat pumps and can’t handle voltage switching. You have baseboard heaters ? Caleo’s your option.
Can I use this for my air conditioning unit ?
Although one could imagine the scenario where Caleo is used with a air con unit, it’s been engineered and optimized for heating purposes.
Do I need to change all thermostats in the house ?
In order to understand and optimize your energy consumption, Caleo needs info from all heated spaces in the house. That being said, one could start by outfitting the areas of the house most commonly used and progress to a fully integrated house over time. The Caleo experience will only get better as you add them to the group.
What extra work or wiring is involved ?
Aside from the initial configuration and online programming, Caleo is exactly like your current thermostats : 2 wires, 2 screws…
Can I install it myself ?
Caleo is incredibly simple to install in about 5 to 10 minutes, but you should be aware of your local electrical code and whether or not it requires you to call in a licensed electrician. In all cases, if you’re not familiar electricity and the associated dangers, call your electrician.
I don't want to repaint the whole house !
No worries : Caleo has a footprint on your wall that matches that of most devices currently on the market. No ugly scuffs or marks, no paint.
How do I tell if my router will work with it ?
Caleo works with all current routers that are b/g/n capable. It’s more than likely that your current router will work with it, but if you have doubts feel free to ask us, we’ll check for you !
I don't have a Wi-Fi network at home...
Caleo relies on your home network to connect to the internet. If you don’t currently have wireless network set up, it will be a pre-requisite to enjoy Caleo’s features.
Dual layer encryption ? Is that safe ?
Caleo was designed with security as a focal point. Data is encrypted before being sent over a connection that itself is encrypted. We feel very strongly about security in the connected object world and we’ll always see it as a priority over anything else.
How much does the service cost ?
The online portal is and always will be free. Basic features include a single street address and as many devices as you want. Advanced functions such as control lock-out and multiple addresses management require paid subscription.

We’re here for all your questions, comments, suggestions or simply if you need a little help.

You’re not familiar with Caleo ? Give our Guide a try to better understand how it works in your daily life, or if you’re looking for more technical help, you get hop on over to our Support center.