CaSA is growing at breakneck speed as it takes the lead in a burgeoning market. We are looking for candidates interested in joining our R & D, sales and operations teams at our St-Mathieu-de-Beloeil offices. In a “start-up” atmosphere, work at CaSA is declined in many ways, shapes and forms that bears no common ground with life in a cubicle. Plus we’re at an airport and everyone likes planes… Don’t you like planes ?

We work under two unbreakable rules : deliver the best and have fun while doing it. If you’re more into writing the book than following it, there’s a chair with your name on it here

Any of the listings below tickle your fancy ? Drop us a line and some info by using the form at the bottom of this page. No listing but you still like the idea, contact us anyway. It’s just that we’re currently unaware of how badly we need you !

Digital Designer

We couldn't agree on a title for this one, but if you're part graphic designer, part artist, part technician, part photograph, part webmaster and wholly motivated, we have a chair with your name on it.  At CaSA, we have a never ending thirst for content, printed and...
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Software Engineer

Sometimes, you stumble upon something that's just never been done before... Did you study in computer sciences or any kind of data analysis environment ? We're looking for someone who's going to break new ground while working with our scientific partners. Simulation,...
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Client Services Agent

We're catering to consumers directly, so service and support is of the utmost importance. You like engaging with people, you're solution-oriented and you're happy to jump from email, to phone, to Facebook, to being live at a public event. Our Client Services team is...
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Web Developer

Because when you do web development, you're never done ! Do you like creating from scratch and taking part in all the steps that bring an idea from the whiteboard to the browser ? Are you one to work on the inside first, but won't shy away from collaborative work and...
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Hardware Engineer

We’re looking for another engineer to grow our team of product development, at our Beloeil location on Montreal’s south shore. Tinkerer and thinker, we need someone who has imagination and can act on it as CaSA continues to break ground in communicating equipment and...
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