The grid will never be the same again. The technical certainties and engineering assumptions of the past 70 years are being challenged from all sides: the Internet of Things, renewables, Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Big Data analytics are all the new normal. They offer new ideas and new opportunities considered not a decade ago the realm of science fiction. Electricity no longer drips down from the plant to your home, it now flows in a hyper complex environment of regeneration, storage and alternative energies.

To assist grid operators in tackling the challenges ahead, CaSA has developped a software and hardware suite meant to enable swift and smooth integration of the residential sector in the Smart Grid. By keeping comfort and security at the core of its solutions, CaSA offers efficiency, remote control and metering analysis to both the end user and the grid operator.
Environmental preoccupations occupy a similar if not greater place than economics in today’s world, and rightfully so. What utilities decide now will shape tomorrow’s future and CaSA will be there to play its role in this new order.

CaSA manufactures and integrates a variety of residential products to control and meter electricity use. Grid operators enjoy backward compatibility for proprietary communications protocol to integrate with the CaSA cloud service into their grid management software. The online CaSA dashboard is available for any web browser, on a desktop or laptop, or through our mobile applications currently supporting Apple and Android devices.

With CaSA connected products, the consumer takes control of their electricity bill: better information makes for better decisions, which in turn helps to eliminate wasteful habits by making them stand out and offering a variety of solutions to fix them.
With CaSA enabled analytics, users and grid operators have an unprecedented level of granularity in information and control over residential loads, without ever compromising the comfort level of the occupants.

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